Remote / Far away

Photo of a rusted sign, with the words 'It's only remote if the things that matter are far away.' cut into it.
‘Remote / Far away’, K Gow, 2021

As well as my research and my work in communities, I am an artist, working in various media. ‘Remote / Far away‘ was a work that I secretly installed (with the help of a friend) in an abandoned sign post at Feolin on Jura in the early hours of a March day in 2021. The work, made of laser-cut, artificially aged steel, aimed to answer the oft-asked question by visitors – ‘isn’t it quite remote?’. The location, at the main ferry port on Jura, was specifically chosen to challenge visitors’ perceptions of the island and its community of 250 people as they arrived and departed.

‘Remote, Far away’ was shortlisted for the 2021/22 John Byrne Award.